Some shots from this year's whale watches. I did 6 daily tours in rafts carrying max of 18 people. Most of pics are from last two days in Maui.

d7k_2505_small.jpg d7k_2531c_small.jpg d7k_2546_small.jpg d7k_2559_small.jpg
d7k_2565_small.jpg d7k_2627_small.jpg d7k_2727c_small.jpg d7k_2728c_small.jpg
d7k_2729c_small.jpg d7k_2730c_small.jpg d7k_2731c_small.jpg d7k_2732c_small.jpg
d7k_2733c_small.jpg d7k_2734c_small.jpg d7k_2735c_small.jpg d7k_2736c_small.jpg
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